The redux is the Ish fish, but stretched but two inches, ride it 2” shorter than your shortboard, 2” longer than your fish, perfect for most days. this board comes with loads of potential options, we do it as either a belly channel swallow tail, or as a tail channel rocket tail, or just ride it with a simple bottom, its totally up to you!

you can also get it set up so you have a 5 fin that can be either ridden as a twin or as a thruster or a twin with a trailer.



The bliss is the IshFish but with a round tail. Goes great as Quad, thruster, twin or Bonzer, excellent all round board for most conditions.

go for 1-2L less volume than usual, to account for the concave deck

6’2’ X 21 1/4” X 1 15/16” 34.9 Litres

6’0” x 21” x 1 15/16” 33.25 Litres

5”10” x 20 7/8” x 1 7/8” 31.28 Litres

5’8” x 20 3/4" x 1 13/16 x 1 13/16 29.22 Litres

5’6” x 20 1/2 x 1 3/4 27.21 Litres

5’4” x 20 1/4” x 1 11/16” 25.24 Litres


A very clean outline stubby shortboard. Fast, loose and agile, this board is a great all around board for home and abroad.Whilst watching a documentary on the mathematical equations hidden in the shape of the great pyramid at Giza, Andy had the idea to make a board using ratios and mathematical proportions such as pi and phi. Harty helped get it all on to the computer whilst Andy did the calculations... this is the result.

“My favourite shortboard. Easy to catch waves on and super easy to turn” - Jenny



New for 2018, currently in R+D, this board features a HighDensity PU stringer, covered with carbon fibre, followed with Innegra and then S-Glass. 

What you end up with, is a highly flexible, perfectly damped, high performance shortboard. you can turn the board upside down, stand on it and bounce up and down, the deck will touch the floor and spring back in a controlled way.

With regard to shape, The Neo has the classic seduction bottom shape, single to triple to double concave, followed by spiral vee in the tail, slight hull entry in the nose area for maximum manoeuvrability, speed and control.


The Bonzer

Classic bonzer. Available in a 3 fin or 5 fin. Super drivey, super fast. Malcolm Campbell is one of Andy's favourite shapers and the bonzer is a design he has surfed more than most over the last decade. Bonzers are at home in hollow waves but perform well in a range of conditions...



Round tail on your heels, swallow tail on your toes. Your feet aren't symmetrical so why should your board be?