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Find us at the Toy Factory on Treloggan Industrial Estate. Head to the shop and ask for Seduction. Monday - Friday, 9-5.

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Seduction was founded in 2012, using Andy Gale’s shapes and resin work as a platform for himself and other artists to produce high quality and entirely unique surfboards.

With the exception of heavy longboards and the like, Seduction Boards feature S-Glass as standard, 20% stronger and lighter and the industry standard E-Glass. You also get a resin tint as standard, and the high quality Toy Factory finish goes without saying.

We also work with a range of artists to produce one off pieces, any of our artists may be commissioned on a sliding price scale, though often one or two of them are travelling at any one time. we also work with designers such as DODK to make boards that look second to none.

Andy was taught the craft as a teenager by his dad, eventually shaping his first board, a twin fin 5’6” fish. This board has evolved over more than a a decade into the ish fish and variations. Whilst Studying Surf Science and Technology at University, Andy was fixing dings in his halls. Later he moved on to getting a garage set up as a shaping and ding shack in the second year with his mate Dunc. Dunc now lives in Raglan and works for Mickey T at Raglan Longboards. in third year he set up Habit and started making surfboards and tees with his mate Ollie. When studies finished, Ollie went on to make his fortune in London, habit was disbanded and a new brand was in the pipeline. 

After surf coaching the summers, Andy ended up in Newquay fresh out of uni and looking for work making boards. Another pal Jamie, set him up with Bill at Escape, Andy worked here for a few years, glassing a few thousand boards and working with the like of Alex Murray, Sup and kite guru and top glasses and spray guy. It was during this time Rhubarb Surfboards was born and the evolution of the Pimp and then the Incut begun. 

After a couple of years and not enough trips, the travel bug hit, he boarded a plane to New Zealand and after a snow season and break from the surf scene, he hitched to Raglan and looked for work. Dunc found him a rad caravan at the back of indicators, one of the finest left points in the world. After hanging out at raglan surf co, local legend Flash did the extraordinarily kind thing of driving him to see spoons. 

Mark “Spoons” Camenzind is the underground surfboard king of raglan. No “team riders” but just a whole plethora of customers who surf so good they could get free boards elsewhere, paying full price for his designs. The Camenzind factory finishes the Hughes label for Raglan surf co. Long time label of the late, great, Craig Hughes. His eldest son Luke is doing an epic job of filling some rather large shoes. In the middle of having an amazing time in Raglan, the visa ran out and it was time to go home and try and make it alone. 

The Seduction brand and factory came together over a couple of months and after a whole load of help from his parents and his friends, the label began to take shape. Around this time Andy started making boards for Jenny Pendlebury, a friend from coaching days who quickly became his long term girlfriend. Working on her longboards for contests has really helped seduction to become the brand it is today. To date every medal, trophy, cup, event and tour won on a seduction board has been done by Jenny. Together Andy is making the best boards he has ever made and Jenny is surfing the best heats of her life and getting the best results. 

In the middle of all this, Andy’s sander Charlie was snowed under with other work and unable to help out. Seeking a quality finish, Andy headed over to Toy Factory, headed up by Luke Hart. The first board sanded there was a contest longboard for Jenny and it came out beautiful. The decision was made to ask Luke if the Toy Factory could take on the fine finishing. He said no problem and a few boards went through the factory. Luke casually offered Andy a Job, doing resin tints for all the different labels that come out of there and making seduction boards in house, with the likes of Lee Bartlett, Lewis Clinton and more. This was an offer not to be refused and has led to Seduction Surfboards gradually becoming the high quality, beautifully finished boards they are today. Andy has transitioned from purely hand shaping, to producing his most popular shapes and custom designs, using the shaping machine and hand finishing. This means that Jenny can get a fresh longboard with small modifications, and the when you order a DODK incut, you know it's gonna be the same shape in the photo, whilst the tint is like a fingerprint.