Designed for British champion Jenny Pendlebury, this is a contest longboard suited to lighter surfers at stock dimensions. We can custom build this shape if you are larger and like the look of the outline. Fairly deep nose concave and a dynamic bottom contour make the JenPro a fantastic all around longboard for a wide range of conditions. Jenny rides the shape in eps/epoxy for an ultra lively feel and super light weight. If you're a lady who can't usually get her arm around a decent longboard, this is the board for you.

"I have been working on this shape with Andy for over four years now. the JenPro works in the huge variety of conditions a contest can be held in. From mushy 1ft slop to well overhead and clean, the JenPro rides just how I like! I'm always confident paddling out, knowing that my board will allow me to perform" - Jenny Pendlebury, 2x British Longboard Champion, English Team rider

Jen Pro Wide

Jenny is pretty small, so we made this one for everyone else! great for blokes and larger folks!

"Best longboard ever! Super fast, rideable in any conditions, extremely light, the best board ever." - Richard Velazquez


Bank Robber

Designed for Rob Hope, winner of this years single mingle longboard contest. According to him, this 10’0” pivots and nose rides better than any noserider out there, ride it with a heavy Volan glass job and the fin way back, pivots fast, fast down the line and you can nose ride for dayysss


Select your pinlines and colours at checkout

Boards usually take 4-6 weeks, but we sometimes have to special order the blank for this, which can take a few extra weeks, its worth the wait though!


Jimbo Special

Cutlap Volan, sanded finish with polished competition band. the board itself is a bit of a mixture of all Jimbo’s favourite boards, it surfs fast and smooth, like Jimbo! stock dimensions are 9’2” but also available as a custom order

Flat rocker, especially in the nose, and very foiled, this board ain’t for first timers!

if you know how to jive, this board will rock your socks!


The FuturePiG

EPS, HD foam T-Band stringer 2" thick, inngra knee patch, mid weight (heavy for epoxy) turns and nose rides like a dream if you have got the skills, pigs bog like hell if you are in the wrong place due to reverse rocker, does not catch waves easily! Not a beginners longboard, this is for connoisseurs only. 

HD foam stringer and glassing schedule means if you turn it upside down and bounce it up and down, it will touch the floor! mad flex for the creative surfer.

Board in the photo features moroccan paisley fabric inlay, ask us about what fabrics we can get, we have access to all sorts! The FuturePiG is also available in PU


Custom Logs!

Classic boards and replicas available on request. We can do Volan glass, custom stringers and custom glass on fins as well as fabric inlays underneath and on top of tints. Get one with glitter and polish/matte combinations for a truly unique log.

Be sure to check out the gallery for Inspiration!