Element 115


the newest incut shape, this board is great in all kinds of conditions, unbeatable rail AND air game..

Narrow under your front foot for control, wide nose and tail with hourglass bonzer/hydrofoil concave, this is the current favourite go-to shape of those in the know. Any conditions, 2-8ft+ if you can survive...epic air board.

"My first board took a little getting used to but it gave me a new challenge. I have surfed the board a lot and fallen in love with it. It's super fast and holds in bigger than I expected. The greatest thing for me is the sense of freedom you get on a wave being able to take the board in whichever direction you choose. I would highly recommend trying out one of these shapes" - Psymon Shields


Ultra short, ultra wide, crazy crazy board. We've tested this board in waves from 6 inches to 6 feet and in continues to blow our minds every time. Epic board for people who love wraparound cutties and 360 flat spins. 

"I've ridden this board up to double overhead but it really came into its own surfing tiny days in San Diego and allowed me to make the most of my trip" - Andy

DODK x Seduction Incut

The incut we've been working on for 5 years or so has been given the full Demons of Doom Killers x Seduction treatment with all the bells and whistles. Matte black tail, polished bones and nose swirl with custom DODK x Seduction logos.

"The sickest board I have seen leave the Toy Factory" - Luke Hart, Head Shaper, Toy Factory Surfboards

Original Incut

Same shape as the DODK x Seduction Incut, but with whatever design you choose!

This board has a little more volume than the element 115, ride it around 1ft shorter than your shortboard

This board is recommended as a first “incut” if you have not tried anything like this before!